Your mobile merch manager

Music is your life.
Merch is your lifeblood.

Put your pencils down, and start tracking sales and inventory in real time with Merch. Eliminate count-outs, and let us do the heavy-lifting while you focus on making great music.

Money makes the tour bus wheels go round, which is why we designed an order process as quick as the tick. Taps at the table translate into the clearest view of your inventory levels and profitability which keeps your Tour Manager humming a happy tune.

After the crowd shows you some love, show a little back to the team that put your tour together. Merch works in the background, crunching numbers into intelligent and beautiful reports that you can share with management (in one tap!) and get back to your night.

With real-time inventory and historical gig data, Merch is like a magic 8 ball, giving you all the answers you need to make a tour profitable. Know how much merch you need and of what kind before you step back on the bus. Do you have enough T shirts? It is certain. Thanks 8-Ball Merch!